A live discussion: Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate Hearings

If you are a subscriber to my show or from my Why Entrepreneurship? What is IT All About? website, I am conducting a live discussion about what’s going on with Facebook and how it pertains to your business. I want to help you as a business owner understand what you are missing out on that can help grow your business by reaching more people.

If you are not marketing on Facebook, you are missing out. I will help you understand why Donald Trump used social media platforms like Facebook to win the 2016 election. Many of you think Facebook cannot benefit your business but I will educate you on my live show to help you see why you are wrong.

I will also direct you to some training and coaching that you can start utilizing to help modernize your website and help you reach your target audience after the show.

The show will be broadcast live on my YouTube channel. You can access it by going to my whyentrepreneurship.net link. When the show goes live, you will see me and the title of the show, “Why Facebook Target Marketing Is Vital to your Business”

Please go to my channel to subscribe and ring the bell so you can know when I will be going live. This blog post will also be upload on the channel for you to like and leave a comment as well. You can also go to my Facebook page and leave a comment there too under this post with your questions ahead of time so I can answer a few of them during the show. Remember to ring the bell so you can know when I will be going live. I promise you, you will get some great value out of it.

The show will only be for an hour long and I will leave time for question and answer session. The live session is scheduled to air on Sunday, April 15th in the evening.



My 2018 New Year’s Resolution for you: “Control Your Fears”

As we all start the New Year full of wishful thinking to lose weight, get in shape, etc. I was thinking what should I release as the first official show of the year? And I was inspired by an incident that happened to me. And it has a lot to do with the word FEAR.

What is FEAR? It is False Evidence Appearing Real. So what does that mean? It is weaknesses within us that is preventing us from succeeding, from achieving our full potential. As we start 2018 and January comes to a close, my goal for you is that you stare your fear head on and challenge yourself to be great, do more and become a better leader for the New Year.

I know for certain that Fear will cripple your business. It will set you back with years of regrets about the things you should have done and could have been done. Stop procrastinating and take on the most difficult task you need to accomplish head on. Folks, time has run out. You only have a small window of opportunity to position yourself and your family ahead of what is to come. Stop letting F.E.A.R dominate your life, your business, your family. What you do not see each day is how you are manifesting your fears on to your children, friends and others who rely on you. Before you know it, you will be passing on those same fears of failure on to them.

Folks, I have several shows that are already lined up to air on this topic because fear is at the heart of our success and failure. It is what makes us great and what breaks us to oblivion.

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In 1985 the movie Cocoon came out. I never got a chance to fully watch it until recently as I was preparing for this show. Talk about perfect timing. There were some valuable lessons from the movie that you should take a look at it yourself to understand how fear really paralyze us from making sound decisions. I will leave a link for you when it is available. I am also going to leave you a link with some reference books that will help you face your fears in 2018 head on. Another famous book if you have not already read it is Eat that Frog. You can click on the link to start reading it this month.

Let me share with you a short scenario as I come to a close because there is a place where all fears go. It is also the same place that all dreams and well wishes also go. All of them are found in the cemetery, buried 6 feet under.

I want to ask you which is worse in this made up scenario. In scenario one, you are forced to lay down on your death bed in pain as you stare at the ceiling full of regrets when you start to reflect back on the things you had wish you had accomplished in your prime. But you did not take a chance because you let FEAR dominate your will to succeed.

And then you have scenario number two, you are laying down on your death bed in pain as you stare at the ceiling full of joy as you reflect on the good life you lived. You took the risk and are glad you took the road less traveled. You have no regrets, you are smiling at what you have achieved in the short time that you had on this Earth. You are thankful that your children are in a better place because of what you have accomplished. You are confident in securing their future and leaving them a legacy for which they can be proud of.

Now which end sounds like your life? Which end would you prefer?

I would love to get your feedback in the comment section below.



Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

Reference Link #1

Reference Link #2

Cocoon / Cocoon – The Return