Happy New Year Entrepreneurs

To New Beginnings

Happy New Year Entrepreneurs. As we start the new year, I have a lot of goals and ideas planned to support you in your growth to entrepreneurship in the coming months and years to come. This journey has been long and hard for all of us. But it is my hope on this platform I will forever be your guide and light your path in your journey with me.

The plans I have for this show starts today, January 1, 2019. With all the setbacks I have been through the last few years, I hope all of the delays will prove to be worth wide in what I learned along the way. To start, this site is an educational platform to inform, train and educate all those who are thinking about starting their own business and what they should know about building a 21st century business today. My primary focus is startups, midsize small businesses, and social entrepreneurs.

My background is in technology and small business.  I believe in helping you build a solid business that will stand the test of time in innovation. Therefore, this site will be providing you with Business Integration Courses (B.I.C), trainings, and guide you through the trenches of things to lookout for and things to implement into your business today so it can withstand any economy.

I am looking forward to teaching and sharing with you all my 30 years of business experience, expertise, wisdom and vision for the future.


Dimitry Frederique

Why Entrepreneurship, Founder & CEO

A live discussion: Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate Hearings

If you are a subscriber to my show or from my Why Entrepreneurship? What is IT All About? website, I am conducting a live discussion about what’s going on with Facebook and how it pertains to your business. I want to help you as a business owner understand what you are missing out on that can help grow your business by reaching more people.

If you are not marketing on Facebook, you are missing out. I will help you understand why Donald Trump used social media platforms like Facebook to win the 2016 election. Many of you think Facebook cannot benefit your business but I will educate you on my live show to help you see why you are wrong.

I will also direct you to some training and coaching that you can start utilizing to help modernize your website and help you reach your target audience after the show.

The show will be broadcast live on my YouTube channel. You can access it by going to my whyentrepreneurship.net link. When the show goes live, you will see me and the title of the show, “Why Facebook Target Marketing Is Vital to your Business”

Please go to my channel to subscribe and ring the bell so you can know when I will be going live. This blog post will also be upload on the channel for you to like and leave a comment as well. You can also go to my Facebook page and leave a comment there too under this post with your questions ahead of time so I can answer a few of them during the show. Remember to ring the bell so you can know when I will be going live. I promise you, you will get some great value out of it.

The show will only be for an hour long and I will leave time for question and answer session. The live session is scheduled to air on Sunday, April 15th in the evening.


Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since you have heard from me. Due to the death of my mother in 2016 and the unexpected setbacks that was dealt to me in the fulfillment of my legacy, I had to take a step back from my plans to launch Why Entrepreneurship? What is IT All About? and MLM University.biz  online talk show series via my YouTube Channels. As entrepreneurs, we all know that life happens. And what matters the most is how we come back from it.

Well I have been working hard for you behind the scenes on new projects, book ideas and new programs to reach everyone directly in my support of your entrepreneurial goals by way of my YouTube channels. While everything is not quite there yet in regards to the website and videos, I am offering you an opportunity to help us grow together in your subscription to both of these shows even though there is no content uploaded yet but they are coming. In support of American Express’ Small Business Saturday, I am leaving you a promotional discount link for entrepreneurs and business owners to take advantage of my two books on entrepreneurship and network marketing.

For an added value regardless if you do not buy my book, I will send you a PDF excerpt copy from those 2 books when you visit my YouTube channels and subscribe to them.

In order to qualify, you have to subscribe to both channels. I will confirm all subscribers on both channels after November 30, 2017 and start sending out the links to those who qualify. If you want the PDF copy of The Psychology of Unemployment – This chapter uncovers the 12 psychological traps every unemployed worker face in a down economy. I will also give you access to my 5 Tips for network marketers who want to fast start their business in 2018. So remember to go to the YouTube Channels below and SUBSCRIBE today before this promotion ends.

http://whyentrepreneurship.net – this channel was just created. The link may not be ready yet. But this is the channel ID if you run into problems.

http://mlmuniversity.biz – A new channel dedicated to educating network marketers become professionals in the industry. I will share my 20 plus years of knowledge with you and keep you up to date as this industry changes and evolves.

 To Your Success,


a.k.a “Multi Preneur”