Why Entrepreneurship?

What is IT All About?Why Entrepreneurship Book

The book that will bring every family member into the kitchen table talking about their financial future for the next five years. Is it too late to save your children?


Why Entrepreneurship? What is IT All About? is a newly released book by Dimitry Frederique. The book, although the title can be deceiving, has nothing to do with business but more of a discussion as to why you may want to start looking at becoming an entrepreneur in the 21st century. The book addresses life’s every day struggle to make ends meet and helps you make sense as to why you are financially strap, losing your job, and why your state is facing a high unemployment rate.

This book is part 1 of a 3 part series that first looks at the growing problems facing our economy by 2015, understanding our place in the world through God’s original purpose for our lives, and the future of employment in America. Some topics of interest:

*   Baby Boomers & Retirement       *   Job Security           *  Student Loans

*   Pensions        *  Our Education System                     *   401K / Stock Market

*   Unemployment           *  Bankruptcy      *  Government Jobs

*   Financial Freedom     *  Leadership      *  Immigration

*  Teenage Pregnancy & Babies Raising Babies

* i Robots (men vs. machine)



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