Why Entrepreneurship Book Cover Topics

Learn what each key image of the book cover means and how it relates to you becoming an entrepreneur.

This Sunday: A live Discussion about Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate Hearings

A live discussion: Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate Hearings If you are a subscriber to my show or from my Why Entrepreneurship? What is IT All About? website, I am conducting a live discussion about what’s going on with Facebook and how it pertains to your business. I want to help you as a business owner […]

Control Your Fears

My 2018 New Year’s Resolution for you: “Control Your Fears”

stare your fear head on and challenge yourself to be great, do more and become a better leader for the New Year.

How Will it End?

After all that I have learned about the Mueller Investigation thus far and what I have observed myself, I honestly do not think this year will end well. Folks be prepared for the worse case scenario that will impact your livelihood, the economy, the Rule of Law, our democracy, and your retirement. Over the summer […]

Amex Small Business Saturday with F.M.P

Hi Everyone, It has been a while since you have heard from me. Due to the death of my mother in 2016 and the unexpected setbacks that was dealt to me in the fulfillment of my legacy, I had to take a step back from my plans to launch Why Entrepreneurship? What is IT All […]

Do you have job security?

Say hello to your new co-worker, Sophia! Brought to you by the FUTURE INVESTMENT INITIATIVE   Don’t mean to scare anyone but take a look at this video. The future may not look that bright after all. It might just look like the Jetsons but it is coming sooner than you can imagine. And they […]