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  1. Even the Wall Street Journal is reiterating some of the points I have made about a college education today. Like I said in the book, taking on more debt to go to the best college or university money can buy needs to be a family discussion at the kitchen table. It no longer make sense to do this when you cannot even find a job after college. The pride and joy of going to college becomes a nightmare once you graduate and cannot find a job while student loan interest pile up.

    Below are some interesting numbers from a recent Wall Street report. But you can learn what else to be mindful of in W.E.

  2. On July 2, 2013
    FoxNews Boston – had a segment on one of the topics I addressed in the book regarding looking at a college education from the perspective as a return on investment (ROI). They used Springfield College as an example that cost $100K after 4 years. The question that I also bring up in the book is whether or not your child’s career path will net him or her a salary in excess of $100K / yr.

    I tell parents that is an answer they must determine from the ambitions of their child not their will to attend the best college education money can buy. Those days are over. It is one of the many kitchen table discussions both parent(s) and child must come together and have an open dialog about.

    The decision you make can either save you thousands of dollars in the long term or put you both in a path of financial suicide. Read Why Entrepreneurship? What is IT All About? part 1 to find out why.

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