To New Beginnings

Happy New Year Entrepreneurs. As we start the new year, I have a lot of goals and ideas planned to support you in your growth to entrepreneurship in the coming months and years to come. This journey has been long and hard for all of us. But it is my hope on this platform I will forever be your guide and light your path in your journey with me.

The plans I have for this show starts today, January 1, 2019. With all the setbacks I have been through the last few years, I hope all of the delays will prove to be worth wide in what I learned along the way. To start, this site is an educational platform to inform, train and educate all those who are thinking about starting their own business and what they should know about building a 21st century business today. My primary focus is startups, midsize small businesses, and social entrepreneurs.

My background is in technology and small business.  I believe in helping you build a solid business that will stand the test of time in innovation. Therefore, this site will be providing you with Business Integration Courses (B.I.C), trainings, and guide you through the trenches of things to lookout for and things to implement into your business today so it can withstand any economy.

I am looking forward to teaching and sharing with you all my 30 years of business experience, expertise, wisdom and vision for the future.


Dimitry Frederique

Why Entrepreneurship, Founder & CEO

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