After all that I have learned about the Mueller Investigation thus far and what I have observed myself, I honestly do not think this year will end well. Folks be prepared for the worse case scenario that will impact your livelihood, the economy, the Rule of Law, our democracy, and your retirement.

Over the summer I read a shocking article on the impact of the Nixon Impeachment. The end result was decades of stagnation. The economy did not grow at all for years. The stock market barely moved. The job market was stagnant.

Folks I fear what is to come will be the third stress test on this economy at a time when all is fragile. How quick do we forget how far we have come in making stride. Within one year, a man can come in office and set us all back. This I can guarantee you will not end well. For the pass two weeks I have started using the phrase, “Irrational Exuberance” again because back in 2008, it did not make sense but we continued to pile it on. Only living for today and neglecting to think about the next generation or our children’s future at stake.


Some of the topics I have written in part 2 of W.E has supersede my expectation of what the next president would do to this country. Like many of you who have planned on purchasing a home, do take a moment to pause. I myself have been moving through the real estate market with caution. You should do the same. The impact of a Trump impeachment will be felt by all. I fear some lean years are ahead of us. I know many of you have gone back to normal, spending and being cheerful. If what I see coming by the end of the year is correct, it might be one of our last Christmas we can say we really enjoyed. If the start of January 2017 was any warning with a sudden dive in the stock market and the runway accident of Vice President Pence’s airplane did not tell us that this country is about to head in the wrong direction, I do not know of any other greater sign to look out for. But maybe just watch how the stock market reacts in the first months of 2018. I fear a correction is in order soon.

Currently our stock market have reached record highs of up to 24%. The market is overzealous of a tax cut bill that will implode the economy and your bottom line. What if something goes wrong and it does not pass? Are we ready for the consequence? Many of you are just getting in the black. Can your 401K afford another hit?

Bitcoin is rising like a rocket with no realistic oversight and backing. With all that is going on with Bitcoin, it will crash as fast as it rose. One of the founders of bitcoin this week is already putting out the warning that it will crash. Are you hearing the sirens yet or the warning signs? This phenomena is reminding me of the gold rush of 1949 and the stock market prior to 1929. Everyone was rushing in to get a piece of the euphoria before it ended. So be careful. I am hearing stories of people refinancing their homes so they can get in it. Within two weeks of bitcoin reaching $10,000 per coin, it was at $17,000. By this weekend if it has not already pass the $20,000 mark yet, it will. Doesn’t it sound like another case of Irrational Exuberance? Who is really regulating this new industry?

I think so!

by MultiPreneur

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