I just finished reading this article about the future of the workforce. It points out some key things that has been on my radar for years about the shifting of jobs to an outsource staff / virtual office space.

If you work in a desktop support or help desk role, you should be very concern and read between the lines.

It is a must read for those of you in the real estate market as well because a lot has to do with the need for office space.


Below is the link to an independent article that references some of the changes that I am predicting to come in the not so distant future.


2 Thoughts on “Is Your Job an Asset or Liability?

  1. Today is a great reason why we should all be concern about retirement regardless if you are already retired or not. The city of Detroit, Michigan has file bankruptcy today July 19, 2013. This will have a big impact on everyone living in Detroit. Most importantly the outcome will greatly affect those states in similar circumstances in the coming years. Many citizens do not even know that their state are reaching the tipping point to be in the same predicament as Detroit. If I were you, I would not overlook what is going in Detroit as an isolated incident.

    As recently as last month, I had a conversation with someone who lives near Detroit. He told me of the situation. He described Detroit as being a ghost town. People are living the city to find work. People are abandoning their homes and moving out. The city is in ruins after the auto industry claps. Despite the bailout of the auto industry in 2008, it was not enough to keep up with the global markets fine tuning their plants. We were a few years too late.

    In Why Entrepreneurship? I reference the book Pension Dumping by Fran Hawthorne who talks in great detail as to what will happen to companies and cities like a Detroit, Michigan. The majority of your retirement will be stripped tremendously.

    In the next few weeks, you will hear people reference the word “LIABILITIES” of Detroit. Do note that they are referring to your pension or retirement fund as the liability. And the only way to really save Detroit is to strip it away. This has been done since the early 70s with the help of PBGC.

    Reading Why Entrepreneurship? What is IT All About? will give you more reasons why you might have to start thinking about becoming an entrepreneur in the coming years. Other similar topics are covered in the book.

    The book is now available at http://fmp.frederiquecapital.com/store for purchase.

  2. As I have arrived to the completion of this new book, I am often reminded of why I wrote it in the first place. There have been times that I doubted whether or not this would be a worthy cause. Would my message be heard or will the timing be right for what every hard working American must know about job security and the economic future that lies ahead. And God answers those questions with yet another story of someone going through a 2 year layoff; someone losing their dream home, or a newly graduate student who cannot find work.
    I am often reminded of my own purpose through these stories for why others need to read this book and start the journey that I did over 20 years ago to change my family’s legacy. The choice is yours to learn why you must become an entrepreneur in the 21st century. Nothing is promise to last forever. And even tomorrow is not guaranteed.
    It was about 3 years ago that I was telling my friend Lisa about this book that I was working on and what was coming. She, like many of us living the middleclass nightmare of job security, has lost her job for a second time around. You see Lisa is no different from any one of us who will become victim to a J.O.B at 50. For it is the new American way of life. She is just one of the millions of post baby boomer generation that will have their American dream shattered because they trusted the system to take care of them in their old age. She, like many of us will not be able to retire; will have spent her 401K just trying to stay afloat until the money runs out.
    America, I encourage you to read this book and do not let this happen to you or your children. It is never too late to spark the entrepreneurial spirit inside of you. It starts with understanding your purpose.

    God Bless,
    F. M. P

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