Say hello to your new co-worker, Sophia!

Remember the Jetsons?Brought to you by the



Don’t mean to scare anyone but take a look at this video. The future may not look that bright after all. It might just look like the Jetsons but it is coming sooner than you can imagine. And they will surely (help) assist you out of your job.

Watch CNBC’s interview with a lifelike Robot name Sophia

If you need more reasons why you should start creating financial freedom for yourself, I will post more videos in the near future. But if this is too far fetch for you to believe that you need an additional income stream aside from your 9-5 paycheck, well look no further than our economy and who is running the White House in 2017.

Do you still believe our system still has your best interest in mind? The harsh reality of automation is real and for some, a gut check. In the near future, the word automation does not only apply to minimum wage jobs that a teenager can do.  The plan for the workforce goes deeper into what you would consider secure jobs with plenty of benefits. I am talking about jobs like in the trucking industry, data operations, HR, food processing, security, police force,  military, planes, trains, and automobiles, etc.  There is truly no limits to where I see the world of automation is going.

You can either be a bystander and watch what’s going on or start working on your plan B. The choice is yours. But understand that the path that you set forth will truly impact your ability to have peace of mind, stability, options, and a better future for your child’s child to come.

In closing, you have to ask yourself this very important question. Does the future look bright for you or deeper? Making America great again is not moving us forward, it more or less taking us 3 steps backwards. And if you look ahead at the future, advanced technology in robotics and other industries alike is not helping us become more efficient. It is really assisting big businesses in eliminating the need for humans in the workforce.  What is the price of a human life in the workforce in 2030 vs a machine?

Yes it is priceless but to whom? To big business, it is financially limitless. Are you?

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