Watching the events unfolding in Ferguson the last two days on the TV screen just reminds me of how life was like in the 1950s and 60s – Where hatred and racism was wide spread for African Americans. It feels as if nothing has change. The only difference from what I saw these past two days from what Dr. King, Jr., Malcolm X. and the Black Panthers were fighting for was that there were no fire hoses being sprayed on people or dogs attaching human beings for standing strong for their rights and the inequalities of our justice system.

There comes a time in America when Black Americans must stand strong for what we believe in like that of Rosa Parks sitting in an empty seat. It sparked a movement for equality. An injustice was done to a just woman. A righteous woman who did no wrong. We had a reason to fight back and protest.

Once again Black America is in an uproar about injustice in 2014 yet nothing has been accomplish it seems. People died for us, for our freedom and all we did was settle down and sought after a piece of the pie or what we thought was that piece of the pie. The system handed us what we thought was equality and freedom. Yet every day our young black men lay dead in the streets from our own injustice. We failed to progress and move forward as a people. We failed to listen to the true words and message of Dr. King’s Jr., “I Have a Dream” speech. We got our jobs, for some a six figure income, a nice penthouse suite and we thought we made it. We got our degrees and proudly hung them on the walls, in our offices. Yet many of us barely thought of Dr. King’s speech: create jobs, start businesses, and leave a legacy for our children.

Black America this is not one of those times to stand up and fight for injustice. We failed Michael Brown, the Trevon Martins of the world and many nameless teenagers that never get to see 21 years of age. We are destroying our communities for an unjust cause. We are hurting the very people we claim we are fighting for. If you keep taking from your community and keep burning it down each time, No one will rebuild the hood for you. Nevertheless they will rebuild only to push you out on the streets. Because we don’t have nothing and we never create anything worth wide for our own. We only take for our own selfish needs.

When we burn down the community we are expressing the self-hatred of what we have failed to accomplish as a people. We are only opportunist and a generation of consumers when we take up a cause without understanding the facts. This time around it was not an issue of injustice but an issue of Black America once again failing to comply with the law that was meant to protect us. We neglect to look at how white America perceive us. You cannot dress like a thug, with baggy pants and rob a store without thinking all black men will not get profiled. Instead of being a contributor to society, Michael on that day was acting as a menace to society. We cannot overlook the actions that led to his unjust death.

Michael Brown’s death is an example of our own selfishness to provide for the next generation. We claim to be a civilized nation of educators yet we fail to self-educate and uplift the next generation behind us. We are the very same people that say we have love for our own African Americans. We the people do not even give back to our own people or create enough charities to support our youth. We allow the system to provide an education, one that is failing and far behind other nations. Yet no one is educating us about our history. For once let’s pick up a book and read for ourselves. We allow other races to teach us about ourselves. We allow the system to train and discipline our children behind bars because we do not believe in family values any more. We are no longer raising our children. But we leave that up to hip-hop, pop culture, and the media to do the job for us. They tell us what is right or what feels right. We are content with a single family life style. Being a teenage mother is the norm, not something wrong going on in that house. The sisters don’t even fight to save our young black men anymore because they are taught that they can do it all by themselves. The system will take care of them and provide the resources they need to raise their babies. Yet that very system enslaves them in prison at 18 for life.

Black America it is time we rise up and learn what our ancestors have been trying to teach us for generations now. Start our own businesses, become entrepreneurs. Be a mentor to our youth. Understand the importance of giving back. Help build our children’s self-esteem by being an example and a respectable role model in the community. Be the men and women that our black children would want to respect.

Lastly, leave a legacy so that our children can build upon for their children’s children one day. Remember that nothing will ever change if we do not understand Why Entrepreneurship? What is IT All About? If all fails, I can only promise you that you will find God in the process but most importantly you will begin to see God’s purpose for your life and the life that you create.

In Memory of Michael Brown,

Dimitry Frederique

CEO & founder of

Frederique Media Productions,

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