High and Welcome to Why Entrepreneurship, What is IT All About? A three part series.

The book looks at the evolution of robotics and seeks to help you learn the pros and cons of automation in the 21st century while understand the greater impact robots will play in the workforce.

The way we do business today has drastically change. So much so that I worry many small businesses will be left behind holding on to 20th century ideas of what use to work for your business.

Have we learned anything from the 2008 Real Estate market crash? Find out why so many are doom to repeat the same mistakes twice by our definition of what constitute as an asset vs. a liability.

Many have wondered what does teenage pregnancy have to do with entrepreneurship? But few will realize that a new economic slavery is on the rise and teenage pregnancy is at the center of it all. Find out why your children are being setup to fail in today’s growing millennial economy.

Many seek wealth and abundance, but few sought the Gospel of God for understanding and meaning. Learn the important role God plays in defining your success and fulfilling his purpose within you.

Today we all live in a global economy. But seldom do we ask what is our role in a global economy? Have you allowed your values, ethics and integrity be define by money or has greed become your number one rule of money?

When you look at the volatility of the stock market, what does it say about our financial future, our security, our retirement and savings? Is it on a roller coaster ride to $0? Money has evolved in the digital world, why haven’t you? Isn’t time you learn the new rules of money?

With a recession always around the corner, what is the likelihood of your job security? Do you have the right skills needed for success in the 21st century or are you just one paycheck away from bankruptcy?

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